Privacy Policy

I. General Statement

The Woodstock Research Center at Neuropsychiatric Associates respects the privacy of visitors to our website. This privacy applies to any information provided to us via our web site, whether the information is medically related or not. NPAVT collects personal data, such as name, address, phone number, or email address, only when it is voluntarily submitted to us. We collect this data in a database and may use it to contact visitors who have provided this data to us. We will not sell this information to anyone, nor will we provide it to third parties without our visitors’ express consent, unless otherwise required by law. In addition, the employees of NPA are committed to protecting the privacy of visitors who provide information to us.
Any and all information exchanged between you and this site electronically, whether received through questionnaires or forms on this site or via regular email, is exchanged using Internet security protocols, currently Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), to help us maintain a high standard of privacy. Information provided on this site that relates to a visitor’s health care history, medical diagnosis, condition, treatment or evaluation is not intended or designed to supercede, replace or interfere, in any way, with the relationship that exists between a patient (or other visitor to this site) and his or her personal physician.

II. Collection of Information

We collect personal information through this website only if it is voluntarily provided to us. If a visitor does not wish to provide the information requested on a given screen, or if he/she has concerns about maintaining the confidentiality of any information, we suggest that the visitor not provide the information. We will use this information for the purpose for which it has been provided to us, as indicated in the type of form that the visitor fills out and/or questions that the visitor answers.

III. Use of Information

We limit access to information only to those persons whose responsibility it is to address the visitor’s specific request.
We will attempt to contact visitors who have submitted their information to this database in the preferred contact method they selected.
We request city, state, and zip code of any visitor who requests information about participating in one of our clinical studies. We use this information to determine the closest research facility conducting a study in the visitor’s disease area of interest. We also enter this information into our database in case future studies arise for which the visitor may be qualified. We may contact visitors in the future if such a study arises.
NPA's website also uses information in aggregate form to track numbers of visitors to our site and numbers of visitors to various sections of our site for the purpose of determining trends and visitor needs. Aggregate information is analyzed and used as input to help us improve our site. No personally identifiable information is available or used in this process.
This site acts as a venue for information collected for a number of purposes specified by visitors. We have no control over the quality, truth or accuracy of information submitted by visitors, and undertake no responsibility for such information submitted. Each visitor is responsible for the quality, truth and accuracy of the information he/she submits.
Each visitor authorizes us to use the information supplied for the purposes for which it was provided. We have no obligation to use or retain any of the information a visitor submits, and may delete or destroy the information at our discretion. We may, for any reason, suspend or terminate a visitor’s right to submit information to this site.
We may change our Privacy Statement from time to time, and our changes are effective after we provide you with at least thirty days notice of the changes, which notice shall be satisfied by merely posting the changes on our web site.
We refer you to the section of this website entitled “Legal: Terms of Use” for further provisions that relate to this website and its use, including but not limited to information provided by visitors, obligations of and indemnities by visitors, and limitations on our liability.

IV. Your Choices

If you have submitted a contact form and wish to be deleted from this database, please e-mail us at If possible, please specify approximately when you submitted it so that we can be sure to remove your information from the appropriate database.